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Elixir Drink Pack

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Kindly note that delivery takes 2 weeks!

Each pack of this incredible, cleansing and healing elixir mix contains:

1. 90 counts of pure high source omega-3 series mix (A Soprecious recommended brand)
Proven Use for healing ovulatory infertility & inflammatory growths like fibriods, PCOS, Cysts, Reoccuring yeast infections, Low Libido.

2. 454g of Plant-based Soy-free Pure
Phosphatidyl-complete series powder (A Soprecious recommended brand)
Proven to balance hormones and create baby-friendly environment for high-receptivity to sperm cells.
Helps with weight maintenance, curbs hunger pangs and facilitates healthy liver, guts, digestive tracts, Supports cellular signaling and synaptic function.

3. 250 Softgels of Natural E-400 variant Foods (A Soprecious recommended brand)
Proven to support autoimmune deficiencies, supports egg quality, improves sex drive, balances menstrual and Ovulation cycles and improves poor sperm parameters.

4. Client-specific fertile herbal prescription for targeted sperm health & egg quality improvement & bespoke fertility meal plan.

Each order comes with a “How to Use” video and Standard Usage Procedure for fast and result-oriented outcomes.

We encourage the couple, after 1 month of consistent and correct use, to go again for a scan/tests for visibly improved results.

All products are gynecologically-proven to produce the claimed results and each are top-quality made from best hygiene practices ,Vegan-Friendly, Non-GMO and all Plant-based


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